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Loded Diper World Tour T-Shirt

Loded Diper World Tour T-Shirt

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Convince your friends that you went to the Loded Diper world tour with this shirt!! You can even tell them that you got #freaky in the green room with Rodrick... 

(Costs a little more than my other shirts due to the back print!!)

100% cotton
True to size
Made to order
Ships in 1 to 4 business days
As seen in our viral TikTok & Instagram videos

Made with love by Failure International, the clothing brand of all time.


S 18" 28"
M 20" 29"
L 22" 30"
XL 24" 31"
2XL 26" 32"
3XL 28" 33"
4XL 30" 34"
5XL 32" 35"

All measurements are in inches

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